About the journal

“Biophysics” is founded in 1956 as a peer-reviewed journal for publication of original experimental and theoretical data not being published elsewhere as well as reviews at the request of the Editorial Board or Reviews on the initiative of researches after peer-review process. The journal is published under the supervision of Russian Academy of Sciences and Institute of Cell Biophysics of Russian Academy of Sciences. Periodicity – 6 issues per year.

The scope of the journal covers following research areas:

  1. Molecular Biophysics.
  2. Cell Biophysics.
  3. System Biophysics.

Sections “Discussions”, “Chronicle”, “Critique”, “Letters to the Editor” are introduced optionally.

In “Letters to the Editor” short communications containing new data requiring immediate publication may be accepted upon peer-review process.

“Biophysics” publishes proceedings of conferences related to current problem of biophysics.

ISSN: 0006-3509 (printed version) and 1555-6654 (online version).